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5 Upcoming Horror TV Shows To Get Excited For



Between cable and streaming services, the choices for horror on TV is overwhelming, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. The latest seasons of The X-Files and Channel Zero are currently airing, Ash vs Evil Dead and The Walking Dead are set to return this Sunday, and offerings on Netflix and Hulu, like recently added sci-fi series Altered Carbon, are endless. Which makes it easy to completely miss the horror series that are worth your time. While there are even more horror series on the distant horizon, here are 5 of our most anticipated 2018 series that should absolutely be on your radar:

“The Terror “

When: March 26, 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on AMC

Why: From executive producers Ridley Scott, David Kajganich and Soo Hugh, this 10-episode series will follow author Dan Simmons fictional account of Captain Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition to the Arctic in 1845-1848. A period series based on the Royal Navy’s perilous voyage contending with the horrific elements, with a talented cast that boasts names like Ciaran Hinds and Jared Harries, appears to be more suitable for a serious drama on the surface. But those familiar with Simmons’ novel will know that this ill-fated crew must contend with more horror than just treacherous wintry conditions and potential cannibalism; there’s also something far eviler lurking nearby, hoping the crew will be its next meal.

“The Rain “

When: Spring, Netflix

Why: After the surprise hit with German horror series Dark, Netflix is attempting to capture similar success with this 8-episode post-apocalyptic series from Denmark. Following a pair of Danish siblings that emerge from a bunker to find civilization long gone after a devastating virus carried in by the rain wiped out most of the population, they’ll band together with other survivors they meet on a danger-filled question for more signs of life. While there’s no set release date yet, other than “Spring,” the teaser released by Netflix hints at a very dark, intense journey through virus-torn countryside.

“Castle Rock “

When: Summer 2018, Hulu

Why: With J.J. Abrams serving as executive producer, it’s no surprise that this 10-episode psychological horror series based in the world of Stephen King is shrouded in secrecy. Thanks to a well-placed spot during the Super Bowl, we know it’s landing on Hulu in the summer, and we know we want it now. The mysterious trailer doesn’t give us much plot-wise, but it sure gives us a ton of Easter eggs from familiar King novels; the Shawshank prison nod in the newspaper, the protagonist of Needful Things, visual callbacks to Cujo and IT, and so much more has us scrambling to connect the dots before episode one even gets here.

“The Haunting of Hill House”

When: TBD 2018, Netflix

Why: Not much has been revealed about this 10-episode series based on Shirley Jackson’s classic horror novel so far, except that it’s being written/directed by Mike Flanagan and stars Timothy Hutton, Carla Gugino, Henry Thomas, Michiel Huisman, Lulu Wilson, and more. Between filming for the series to have started in October 2017 and Flanagan’s next project announced last month (maintaining his Stephen King streak with Doctor Sleep), it feels like it’s only a matter of time before more news starts to emerge on this highly anticipated series. Combining Flanagan’s talents with one of the best literary ghost stories of all time sounds like a perfect match that would be a fantastic Halloween 2018 watch.

“The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

When: TBD 2018, Netflix

Why: Netflix has already made a straight-to-series order of not one but two seasons of this adaptation of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s comic book series that follows teen witch Sabrina Spelling during the 1960s. Which means Netflix is just as excited about it as we should be. The source material is nothing at all like the family-friendly sitcom of the ‘90s; think gory, brutal witchcraft with deep Satanic, and sometimes Lovecraftian roots. The casting news announcements also build excitement, with Kiernan Shipka (The Blackcoat’s Daughter) as the eponymous Sabrina. More than that, I can’t wait to see the villainous Madam Satan on screen, to be played by Michelle Gomez. With major characters still awaiting casting, we can expect to fall under this series’ spell late 2018.


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