5 Reasons Why Horror Fans Should Be Watching "Gotham" - Bloody Disgusting
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There’s only one episode remaining in Season 4 of FOX’s Batman origin show Gotham, and trust me when I say that they are going out with a big psychotic boom.

When the show started in 2014, it had more of a grounded and gritty tone. Gotham City was host to legions of mobsters and Bruce Wayne was nowhere near ready to put on the infamous cowl. Lucky for us, as the show began to find its footing, the writers decided to completely embrace the insanity and horror of the Batman mythos. As the show nears the end of its fourth season, there is no better time to start indulging in the chaos than now.

Here are five reasons why fans of horror, and all things absolutely insane, should start tuning in to experience the show’s madness…



After fans were hinted at his origin in season 1, the rise of Scarecrow was greatly anticipated. Luckily, in season 4 he made his frightful debut. Covered head to toe in the entrails of a decomposing scarecrow, this character may be the most accurate comic to screen translation in the Batman universe. Scarecrow uses his infamous fear gas to initiate terrifying hallucinations among the citizens of the city. He is pretty much the Freddy Krueger/Pennywise of Gotham City. Earlier this season he created a terrifying manifestation that involved an entire insane asylum filled with killer clowns. In next week’s episode it has been teased that Scarecrow will be facing off against a young Cat Woman as he wields a deadly scythe that wouldn’t look out of place within the boney grasp of the Grim Reaper. This guy is seriously scary and horror fans will not want to miss this!


Yes, that’s right. There was an actual walking zombie (certainly not a first for the show) on one of Gotham’s most recent episodes and it was cool as Hell. After legendary Batman villain Ra’s ‘Al Ghul is resurrected from his coffin, his decomposing corpse goes on a killing spree to revive his physical appearance. Honestly, this would fit right in with Brendan Fraser’s The Mummy. There’s nothing not to like. Anything with a zombie is a plus for me.


The Killing Joke, written by Alan Moore, is arguably one of the most disturbing and terrifying Batman graphic novels. Lucky for us, the Gotham team took direct inspiration from those twisted pages and brought it to life in last week’s episode entitled One Bad Day (which happens to be a line directly spoken by the Joker in the graphic novel). Bruce Wayne, brilliantly played by David Mazouz, has to venture through a psychotic funhouse curated by the Hannibal Lecter esque Jeremiah Valeska. The villain has kidnapped Bruce’s trusty butler Alfred and the young vigilante is forced to witness disturbing video footage of Alfred’s circumstance. The walls are covered in frightening visuals of Alfred’s bloody face screaming in pain and fear. This is an homage to how the Joker uses Barbara Gordon’s fate to torment Commissioner Gordon with terrifying photographs in the graphic novel. In addition, the end of the episode shockingly references an incredibly evil act the Joker commits within the novel. Fans of this iconic Batman graphic novel certainly do not want to miss this.


Born on a Monday. If you aren’t familiar with Batman mythos, Solomon Grundy is pretty much a giant hulking Frankenstein’s monster. He made his debut on the show this season when his reanimated corpse emerged from a lake filled with toxic waste. His introduction was something straight out of a classic Universal horror film; Grundy wrecks havoc on a group of unsuspecting squatters amidst a chilling foggy night. As he murders them all in a zombie-like fury, an eerie nursery rhyme crackles out of a gramophone. Super spine-tingling and super awesome.


Arguably the show’s two best (and most maniacal) characters to date, Jerome and Jeremiah are destined to lead to the birth of Batman’s most notorious rival. Played brilliantly and maniacally by Cameron Monaghan (Shameless, Amityville: The Awakening) these twins are certainly no joke. Jerome has been a staple to the show starting from his first appearance in season 1, and since then he has had his throat sliced, died, his face ripped off, been resurrected, his face stapled back on, his face punched off, his face stitched back on, and then institutionalized in Arkham Asylum.

Jeremiah on the other hand is a much newer, and more terrifying character that has been added to the mix. When we meet him in episode 17 of this season, he seems very calculated and cautious of his dangerous brother. Where the story goes from there definitely needs to be seen to be believed. Thursday night’s episode pulled an enormous twist between the twins that left me speechless and incredibly excited about the future of the show. If you thought Jerome was terrifying, wait until you see the new and improved Jeremiah.

After all, there are two Jokers in a deck of cards…

Long story short, Gotham deserves the attention and appreciation from the horror community. No other show right now is being as maniacal and bat-shit crazy as Gotham has been lately. Give this show a chance. There’s nothing to lose, except your insanity…

Gotham’s season finale airs on FOX Thursday May 17th at 8/7c. The series has been renewed for a fifth and final season, so now is a great time to get on board.


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