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[EXCLUSIVE Preview] Coffin Hill #9



We here at Bloody Disgusting are happy to offer an exclusive preview of “Coffin Hill” #9 a wonderful horror series from Vertigo that our own Bree Odgen said “…hits you like a ton of bricks.” This slow burn comic is finally coming to a head with issue 9 seeing a lot of threads coming together while still spinning the central mystery even deeper. Once you read the solicit text from Vertigo, you’ll be sure this isn’t an issue you’ll want to miss.

The interior art is haunting and laid out on the page in a provocative manner that makes this issue nearly irresistible. I love the layouts with the black gutters, they give a huge sense of dread.

From Vertigo:

Eve’s search for the Ice Fisher has catastrophic consequences when she and Frost make a shocking discovery about the killer’s true identity but fail to find a missing girl in time. Meanwhile, in Coffin Hill, Nate endures a family reunion from hell when his deadbeat brother Patrick resurfaces with an agenda – and some kickass supernatural help – that means more danger and destruction for the town and everyone in it.


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