Future 'Human Centipede' Sequel Could Involve Aliens
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Future ‘Human Centipede’ Sequel Could Involve Aliens, Says Tom Six!



Human Centipede 3, image via IFC and Six Ent.

With Tom Six’s Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence) arriving in theaters and VOD platforms this coming Friday, I was able to land an exclusive interview with the franchise’s Doctor Frankenstein, Tom Six.

While you can read the full review here, we did try and find out what would happen in a fourth Human Centipede film.

Six has openly stated that Human Centipede 3 is the final sequence, ending his planned trilogy. BUT, what if he were to continue with another ‘pede?

“The three films make a movie centipede and they were meant as a trilogy,” Six tells Bloody Disgusting exclusively. “If I had to make a fourth one, which I might do in 20 years from now, who knows, it will be about connecting all starving Africans on the African continent done by a charity organization, to solve the hunger problem….

But Six has another idea as well…

“Or about aliens connecting the whole human race!”

The third Human Centipede assembles a 500-person ‘pede made out of prisoners. It’s definitely going to be hard to top, although if you’re going to jump the shark, you may as well use aliens as the device.

What would YOU guys do if you were to make a Human Centipede film?!

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