[Exclusive] 'Phantom Halls' Launches With "Groovy" Early Adopter Bonus! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] ‘Phantom Halls’ Launches With “Groovy” Early Adopter Bonus!



Those hungry for squad-based action gaming with a side of comedy are in luck with Incendium and their debut game, Phantom Halls! Launching today on Steam Early Access for $6.99/£5.99, Phantom Halls sees players take on the role of guiding multiple characters at once through a procedurally-generated environment (think a real-time version of Worms meets Spelunky). The initial version of the game will feature ten playable characters (including “the neckbeard” and “the tumblrite”), 12 enemy types, and a procedurally-generated multi-storey mansion with half a dozen distinct environment types.

As an added bonus, Incendium founder and creative lead Llexi Leon (who also works as creative director on Iron Maiden’s mobile game, Legacy of the Beast) states that early adopters can also grab a special bonus: The ability to play as everyone’s favourite boomstick-wielding hero, Ash from Evil Dead 2! Players will be able to control Ash as they navigate through the mansion, completing “a series of unique Evil Dead 2 inspired quests” along the way.

Want more? Leon drops hints that with Steam Early Access being “a fantastic testing bed” for the Incendium team to work out what players want in the game, it also includes potentially putting in more classic horror icons! Head on over to the game’s official site for more info, or head to the game’s Steam page to plunk down and play!


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