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[Exclusive] Watch Rare 1974 Bruce Campbell Short ‘Curse of the Werewolf’



Did Bruce Campbell ever get killed by a werewolf? Yes, actually!

Diehard fans of the Evil Dead franchise know that the key creative forces behind the films all got their start making Super-8 shorts together in their home state of Michigan. Notably, it was Sam Raimi’s 1978 short Within the Woods that eventually became The Evil Dead, but the gang made several other shorts that you’ve probably never seen.

One of those key creative forces was Scott Spiegel, who starred as the original Scotty in Within the Woods and also went on to write Evil Dead – Spiegel subsequently directed the slasher film Intruder, released in 1989.

Together with Bill Ward, Spiegel has put together a new DVD set titled Before The Evil Dead: The Super-8 Short Films, just released this year on DVD. The set contains eleven of those pre-Evil Dead shorts, many of which have never been seen by even the most diehard horror fans. Some even star Bruce Campbell!

To whet your appetite for the release, Scott and Bill have graciously provided us with one of those Campbell-starring shorts, Curse of the Werewolf, which we’re thrilled to exclusively debut in full today. This one was made six years before The Evil Dead!

This was filmed July 1974 near Bruce Campbell’s house, in the same area they shot Cleveland Smith Bounty Hunter (1982) years later. They intended to make the full Curse of the Werewolf short, but other films got in the way so it remained as a ‘teaser’. Bruce Campbell played the hunter; the werewolf’s first victim. Although Scotty never discussed this with Sam Raimi, he always thought that the shot opening over the arm of the werewolf was very similar to the over the arm shot of possessed Bruce when he goes to choke Ellen and pin her back against the Monopoly game in Within The Woods.

Check out Curse of the Werewolf below!

The full list of shorts packed into the Before Evil Dead set includes…

  • 1. Inspector Clutz Saves the Day (1969)
  • 2. Pies & Guys (1971)
  • 3. Corny Casanovas (1971)
  • 4. For Crymin’ Out Loud (1973)
  • 5. Piece of Mind (1973)
  • 6. A Night in a Sanitarium (1973)
  • 7. Loose Loot (1973)
  • 8. Three Smart Saps (1973)
  • 9. Three Pests in a Mess (1974)
  • 10. Booby Bartenders (1974)
  • 11. Curse of the Werewolf Teaser (1974)

Grab your copy today over on Super8Shorts.com!

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