[Exclusive] Trailer Teases the Arrival of Syfy's 'Stickman' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive] Trailer Teases the Arrival of Syfy’s ‘Stickman’



The Stickman comes to those who sleep.

This month, Syfy is premiering two new horror films as part of their annual 31 Days of Halloween marathon, both directed by Sheldon Wilson (The Hollow).

We showed you the trailer for NeverKnock earlier today, premiering on the network Sunday, October 15, and now we’ve got your first look at Wilson’s Stickman.

In Stickman, premiering Saturday, October 21 at 9pm…

“The thing that waits under your bed, hides in the closet, stalks your dreams… is waiting for you. At least Emma Wright knew that at the age of 7 when she was wrongly accused of murdering her sister. Emma knew it was the Stickman. After years of isolation she finally has her demons under control and is released.”

Check out the exclusive trailer below!

The cast for Stickman includes Hayley Law (Riverdale, Altered Carbon, The Arrangement), Sara Garcia (Reign, X-Company), Zoe de Grand Maison (A Christmas Horror Story, Orphan Black), Erik Knudsen (Killjoys, The Mist, Continuum), Alanna Bale (Cardinal, Good WitchPrime Radicals) and Anthony Lemke (Dark Matter, Good Witch, 19-2).