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[Exclusive Video] Watch The Opening Scene From ‘Scars of Xavier’



Given the wide variety of tastes among you, my fellow horror fanatics, it’s practically guaranteed that a decent chunk of you are fans of films such as Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Ugly, and both versions of Maniac. I’m talking dark and twisted films that might not necessarily cake on the visceral carnage in droves, but certainly tear into one’s soul as they are watching them. The DTV market is littered with such wannabes on a yearly basis, but few ever manage to even come close to reaching the artistic talent of said films. Lucky for us, Scars of Xavier plays in that very sandbox and does it well.

Scars of Xavier tells the tale of a disturbed young man living in Europe who has a nasty habit of kidnapping, torturing, and murdering women. The film is still traveling on the festival circuit, but you can at least get a taste of what’s coming in this exclusive clip below, courtesy of writer/director Kai E. Bogatzki. In it you will find the deadly protagonist making a mess of things with the Czech police…

I was lucky enough to catch it in its world premiere at Gateway Film Center’s Nightmares Film Festival last month. There, it not only left its mark on the audience, but also managed to walk away with the festival’s Best Thriller Feature Night Mare Award. The movie has some great sequences (including a murder in reverse) and a killer lead performance (pun intended) by actor/writer Marc Engel. If you’re curious about my full thoughts on it, feel free to read my review. Be sure to also check out the production’s Facebook page to see if it is playing anywhere near you during its festival run.

Scars of Xavier is a serial killer thriller. It is directed by Kai E. Bogatzki, from a screenplay by Marc Engel and Kai E. Bogatzki. The film is produced by Sascha S. Goldbach, Jorg Lindner, Kinkats Official, Daniele Rizzo, Kai E. Bogatzki, and Marc Engel. It stars Marc Engel as ‘Xavier’, Isabelle Aring as ‘Sandra’, Dirk Sonnenschein as ‘Petr’, Alexia von Wismar as ‘Karolina’, Constanze Wetzel as ‘Mother’, and Oliver Troska as ‘Dominik’.

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