"Stranger Things" Season 1 Getting VHS-Style Blu-ray Release at Target! - Bloody Disgusting
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“Stranger Things” Season 1 Getting VHS-Style Blu-ray Release at Target!



Yes, the rumors have been officially confirmed.

Last week, the above photos began circulating around the net, suggesting that Netflix was finally going to be bringing the first season of “Stranger Things” to DVD/Blu-ray… in retro-style, VHS-inspired packaging! We were holding off on reporting until we got official word, which we’ve just received tonight.

With Season 2 arriving on October 27, Target and Netflix have partnered for a line of fun and exclusive products. With exclusive apparel, accessories and housewares inspired by the show coming to Target on October 15, these products kick off a unique partnership to create epic, exclusive items inspired by Netflix-original shows.

In addition to lounge-wear, mugs, glass tumblers and toys, Target will exclusively carry a Blu Ray/DVD set of Season 1 on October 17, including retro-inspired packaging.

Just seems right, doesn’t it?

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