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Italian Cannibal Film ‘Eaten Alive’ Bites into Blu-ray



This will be the film’s uncut worldwide Blu-ray premiere.

Four years after Tobe Hooper released horror film Eaten Alive, about a creepy motel owner and a man-eating crocodile, the late Umberto Lenzi unleashed his Eaten Alive.

Via Rue Morgue today, we’ve learned that the Italian cannibal flick, released in 1980, is headed to Blu-ray courtesy of Severin Films, loaded with bonus content.

“The film, which combines cannibal carnage with echoes of the Jonestown massacre, stars Robert Kerman, Janet Agren, Ivan Rassimov, Me Me Lai and Mel Ferrer, and will be presented on the disc uncut, uncensored and fully remastered in HD for the first time ever, with all-new extras.”

  • “Welcome to the Jungle”: Interview with director Umberto Lenzi
  • “Me Me Lai Bites Back”: Feature documentary on the Queen of Cannibal Movies
  • “The Sect of the Purification”: Interview with production designer Antonello Geleng
  • Archive interviews with actors Ivan Rassimov and Robert Kerman
  • 2013 Q&A with Umberto Lenzi from the Festival of Fantastic Films, UK

Head over to Rue Morgue to see the reverse art and learn about the limited edition (2,500 copies) release, which comes with a special slipcover and soundtrack CD.

Look for this one on January 30, 2018.