Earth Faces a Major Crisis in New Trailer for Sci-Fi Thriller 'Diverge' - Bloody Disgusting
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Earth Faces a Major Crisis in New Trailer for Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Diverge’



A solitary survivor of a deadly virus who is given the chance to reclaim his life by altering his past.

Hitting iTunes and VOD on February 6th is the new indie sci-fi thriller Diverge, courtesy of Gravitas Ventures. Diverge spent the past year on the festival circuit where it picked up quite a bit of steam and a number of awards. The film stars Ivan Sandomire, Jamie Jackson, Andrew Sensing and features a new score from the Blair Brothers.

I’m a big fan of independent sci-fi films and this looks like it could be right up my alley. Science fiction films often take on such a big scope that tackling one on the independent level is a bold, fearless move. It forces filmmakers to be more creative to pull off their vision. What they lack in budget they get to make up for with creativity and freedom. Filmmakers may not always succeed with this move but you can’t help but applaud them. If the festival noise is any indication, director James Morrison has succeeded.

In the aftermath of a mysterious pandemic that’s turned cities into wastelands, a man desperately searches for a way to cure his ailing wife as she battles a deadly virus. When he is captured by a cryptic stranger, he is offered the chance to save not only his wife but the world.