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Enjoy a Drive-In Double Feature with Kino Lorber!



Out today on Blu-ray from Kino Lorber is a drive-in double bill that you’re going to want to make sure you have plenty of snacks for. The excitement begins at 7:00 PM with the 1973 horror classic Don’t Look in the Basement. This is the story of a young nurse that begins to work at an asylum that was home to a grizzly murder. While there she begins to be tormented by the patients. Before this one begins it may be a good idea to make sure no crazies snuck into your trunk.

If you’re able to make it through the evening’s opening attraction you’ll get the pleasure of experiencing the main event in the form of 2005’s Chaos. This gory little piece comes from the twisted mind of David DeFalco and is infamous for having received zero stars and a seal of regret from Roger Ebert. In this brutal story a pair of friends, Emily and Angelica, meet a man named Swan (Sage Stallone) that promises them a good time. Swan takes the girls back to a cabin in the woods and a night of sadistic torture begins.

This new release from Kino Lorber is rad not only because of the films it’s bringing to the format, but because it actually runs with the drive-in idea. You can choose to play the films on what is described as Drive-In Mode. This will show the films back-to-back with ads in between. Uh, yes, please! Sign me up for that! You can order your copy today from Amazon.


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