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The 1957 Giant Insect Film ‘The Black Scorpion’ Hitting Blu-ray



Massive prehistoric scorpions attempt to inherit the Earth in Edward Ludwig’s The Black Scorpion, a 1957 black-and-white creature feature that had an awesome tagline:

“Don’t be ashamed to scream – it helps to relieve the tension.”

In any event, we’re learned that The Black Scorpion will be hitting Blu-ray via the Warner Archive Collection, with the release scheduled for next month, March 20.

Special features include:

  • Stop Motion Masters with Ray Harryhausen
  • Las Vegas Monster and the Beetlemen test footage
  • Ray Harryhausen’s dinosaur sequence from The Animal World
  • Giant monsters trailer gallery
  • Theatrical trailer

In the film, “They’re big. They’re bad. They scuttle along in caverns miles beneath the Earth – until an earthquake opens paths to the surface. Now, these monsters of genus Arachnida are invading our world with deadly force! With top special effects co-designed by King Kong’s Willis O’Brien, The Black Scorpion is horror with a sting more lethal than the king-sized ants that overran Los Angeles’ sewers in the classic Them! Can humankind survive these invincible juggernauts? That fate rests on the shoulders of Hank Scott (Richard Denning) as the creatures rip a train from its track, snatch a helicopter from the sky and, in the film’s most gripping sequence, battle each other in their subterranean lair.”


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