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The 1982 Sci-fi/Horror Film ‘Xtro’ is Finally Coming to Blu-ray



In the wake of ET, Xtro reminded us that not all extra terrestrials are friendly.

Via Second Sight Films, with brand new featurettes provided by Nucleus Films, 1982’s Xtro is finally making its Blu-ray debut on May 28, and yes, it’ll be a Region Free release!

Packaging for the limited edition Blu-ray will feature a rigid slipcase with both original UK theatrical and video artwork, each flipped vertically on either side so you choose which is front. Inside will be digipak containing Blu-ray and CD soundtrack plus soft cover book.

Full extras include:

  • New restorations of extended version with option of alternate endings plus original UK video version
  • New director restoration
  • ‘Xploring Xtro’ – a new 57 minute documentary featuring interviews with Harry Bromley-Davenport, Mark Forstater, Bernice Stegers, Susie Silvey, Tim Dry (Tik), Sean Crawford (Tok), Robert Pereno, Alan Jones and Craig Lapper
  • ‘The World of Xtro’ – a new featurette with Dennis Atherton, Harry Bromley-Davenport and Mark Forstater
  • ‘Beyond Xtro’ – a new featurette with Harry Bromley-Davenport and Mark Forstater looking ahead to new reboot ‘Xtro – The Big One’, including exclusive test footage
  • ‘Loving The Alien: A Tribute to Philip Sayer’ featuring exclusive Brian May music tribute
  • ‘Xtro Xposed’ archive interview with Harry Bromley-Davenport
  • Soft cover book with new writing by Kevin Lyons plus behind-the-scenes stills and promo material
  • Original soundtrack CD
  • New English subtitles for the hearing impaired

Xtro centers on Sam, “a devoted family man who returns to Earth three years after being abducted by aliens, now possessing special powers. On his return, Sam seeks out his wife Rachel and son Tony, but discovers that his wife is now living with a man named Joe.

Rachel struggles to decide what her feelings are for the two men, while Sam’s strange behaviour begins to affect Tony in frightening ways.”


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