These Custom Horror Movie VHS Tapes Are Way Too Cool - Bloody Disgusting
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As a VHS lover for life, one of my personal favorite things is when artists keep the dead format alive by doing unique things with those old tapes that many threw in the trash long ago. One artist, for example, spends his time making custom-colored VHS tapes of horror favorites, while another is literally turning tapes into horror icons.

Over in the Etsy shop ReadfulThings, you’ll find a collection of one-of-a-kind VHS and Betamax sculptures that turn classic horror tapes into insanely cool works of art!

The handmade, mixed media sculptures use polymer clay and other materials to breathe new life into old tapes, each one themed after the movie contained on the tape. Horror favorites The Thing, Critters, Creepshow and The Blob are currently available, selling for $80 apiece.

Now THIS is how you recycle and make new art out of old things!


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