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‘Layers of Fear: Inheritance’ Returns With Surreal New Screens



One of 2015’s biggest surprises was Bloober Team’s psychedelic horror game Layers of Fear. Set inside a gorgeous Victorian-era mansion, the story revolves around an exceptionally talented painter and his rapid descent into madness as he struggles to realize his Magnum Opus.

If you haven’t finished the game, I suggest you remedy that before the arrival of its epilogue DLC Layers of Fear: Inheritance, which shifts the focus to the painter’s daughter and the horrors she’s forced to confront when she returns to her childhood home to resolve the trauma of her past.

A completely new narrative that expands the story of Layers of Fear
Explore the painter’s house from his daughter’s perspective
Two distinct endings based on how you play the game
A return to the terrifying and psychedelic experience that you loved from the base game

Layers of Fear: Inheritance hits PC, Mac, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One on August 2nd for $4.99.


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