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‘Stifled’ Trailer Investigates a Strange Noise



While many video games could get by on their visuals alone, the same cannot be said about the horror genre, where sound design isn’t a flourish, but a critical and often mandatory factor in determining how effective a game is at immersing players in its world so they can be more easily frightened. This is doubly true of Gattai Games’ upcoming “sound-based stealth thriller” Stifled, in which every sound you make is an invaluable tool for navigating the world, when it’s not actively being used against you. Cause too much of a raucous and you’ll just attract the attention of the unsavory types that wander about in the darkness.

Stifled is a spiritual successor to Lurking, Gattai’s award-winning student project that introduced the core concept of the studio’s next title. Using optional mic input, both games are designed to match the the player and their actions, encouraging the strategic use of both as the world and the horrors that inhabit it are revealed and illuminated by your every move.

No release date has been announced yet, but when Stifled does arrive, it will be on PC. And if you think this looks interesting, I highly recommend you check out The Deep End Games’ similarly themed horror game Perception that also uses echolocation, albeit in a slightly different way.


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