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The Red Band ‘Leatherface’ Trailer in 50+ Images!



Today Bloody Disgusting shared the world exclusive red band trailer premiere for Leatherface, the next installment in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise that will see an exclusive DirecTV release on September 21, 2017, with a limited theatrical run and full VOD release through Lionsgate revved up for October 20, 2017.

One thing about the trailer is that it’s extremely dark and even when I was looking for a cool screencap to use in the header I was having a difficult time. It’s old-school horror in the sense that Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo aren’t giving anything away and aren’t allowing shots to hang on special effects for too long.  They aren’t allowing our brains to fully process what we’re seeing and that is what makes things scarier in a horror movie. With that, I thought it would be super fun to go through the full HD trailer and pull some screens to share with you. There’s a lot that flashes by in the trailer but can be seen a little better here, including some spoiler-y deaths to Leatherface stitching together his mask. The most glorious shot of all, however, is that of a young boy wearing a giant pig’s mask. Okja, eat your heart out. I’m also obsessing over the footage of Lili Taylor giving a chainsaw as a gift for her son’s birthday. Can’t Wait.

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