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This Amazing Freddy Krueger Coffee Table Can Be Yours for $2,000



We hope you just got a whole bunch of tax return money.

You may remember a custom-made Jason Voorhees coffee table that made its way around the internet horror community a few years back, which we profiled here on Bloody Disgusting. That table was the handiwork of the company Slaughter FX, and they’re back this year with a brand new horror-themed coffee table.

This one pays tribute to Jason’s adversary, Freddy Krueger!

Slaughter FX’s Freddy Coffee Table, selling now for $1,999, is made from timber, plastic, resin and foam, with a high quality steel-bladed Freddy glove from NECA.

Here’s the full rundown on the 90cm x 45cm x 60cm table:

  • Custom Made Skull feet and skulls inside with Freddy.
  • Morbid Freddy Chest piece, does have button underneath the table so you can hear the kids crying and call out. Quiet with the top on.
  • NECA Steel Freddy Glove replica, can be easily removed from hand inside table.
  • 2 x Plastic ELM ST signs
  • Has perpex top but also can be removed, some people prefer the tables without the perpex on.
  • Everything is hand painted at SLFX
  • Flashing LED lights, colors change from Red, Green and Blue. Looks amazing at night time.
  • Foam filled with sealed dirt on inside to look all muddy etc.

The tables can be picked up locally or shipped worldwide for a cost. Head over to Slaughter FX to learn more, see more images, and if you’ve got the money, purchase one!


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