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Artist Mashes Xenomorph with the Venom Symbiote to Create the Coolest Monster Ever

So Life wasn’t a Venom prequel, but what if Alien and Venom collided?!

A Xenomorph can be created from any host body and the same is true of the Venom symbiote, which only needs to attach itself to a host in order to become a nightmare monster. So, uh, like, what if the symbiote attached itself to the fully grown Xenomorph? Or, taking a bit of a different approach, what if a FaceHugger impregnated Venom?!

These are wacky scenarios that are fun to imagine as a fan, and Raph Lomotan has gone one step further by actually drawing up the world’s first… VenoMorph?!

Lomotan’s incredible VenoMorph design is a true hybrid of Venom and the Alien franchise’s Xenomorph, and it’s just about as badass as you’d expect it to be. Below we’re also sharing a past Lomotan mash-up, which he calls the Indominus Neomorph!



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