[Images] You Maybe Haven't Seen These Incredible Photos from the Set of the Original 'Halloween' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Images] You Maybe Haven’t Seen These Incredible Photos from the Set of the Original ‘Halloween’



Suddenly, we’re begging for a black & white version of Carpenter’s classic.

Yesterday, October 25th, marked the 40th anniversary of the original release of John Carpenter’s Halloween, the game-changing slasher classic that paved the way for Friday the 13th and the epic body count boom of the 1980s. In celebration, Fangoria editor Phil Nobile Jr. tweeted out some great vintage set photos, and we wanted to make sure you saw them.

Hardcore fans of Halloween have probably seen everything there is to see in regards to behind the scenes content by now, this we completely realize, but Nobile’s Twitter thread contains a handful of set photos that I can’t personally say I had ever seen before. He tweeted, “Here’s a thread of some pics from 1978 I haven’t seen posted everywhere else.”

Hat tip to Nobile for the photos, which you can enjoy below.

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