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‘The Messengers’ First Look at Visions of the Dead (AFM)



Fabian M. sent me the first stills and sales art for Gateway Films, Ratio:Film and NoW Films’ The Messenger.

“The Messenger centers on Jack, a young man who has been in and out of secure units all his life, given drugs to try and shut out his visions of the dead. He becomes unwillingly embroiled in the unfinished business of Mark, a journalist brutally murdered in the local park and his television presenter wife, Sarah, to whom he’s desperate to say one last goodbye.

Jack finds himself getting closer to Sarah, obsessed with passing on Mark’s message. Discovering hidden secrets and lies finally pushes the fragile Jack over the edge but there is hope when his estranged sister, Emma, gets in touch. Jack starts to remember the past they shared together and as the memories come flooding back, he starts to confront the truth about the death of his father.

The Messenger was written by Andrew Kirk for BAFTA and Emmy award-winning director David Blair.