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Noah Segan Toplines ‘Follow’



Owen Egerton, who is both an author and filmmaker, is set to get behind the camera for Follow, starring the great Noah Segan (pictured; Looper, Deadgirl), as well as Don Most and Southern Longoria.

Based on “How Best to Avoid Dying,” “In this devilishly clever collection of short fiction, renowned humorist Owen Egerton leads us on a wildly surprising, darkly comic, and often heart-wrenching ride into the terrible beauty of life’s end. With razor wit and compassionate insight, Egerton has a crafted a work that brilliantly explores the pain and wonders of life knowing that with the turn of any corner death could be panhandling for your soul.

“Happy to announce that this spring I’ll be directing my first feature film – FOLLOW,” Egerton said on Facebook. “Follow is a psychological horror set in Austin. I wrote the script based on two stories from my collection ‘How Best to Avoid Dying’. The cast includes Noah Segan, Don Most, and Southern Longoria. I’m teaming up with producers Seth Caplan, Chris Colbert and executive producer Tim League. Thanks for all the enthusiasm!”


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