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“While You Were In a Coma” Premiering Online



TentSquare, Inc. has announced the first ever Crowd Powered Entertainment, original short film “While You Were In a Coma”, will be streamed live on the site for members and fans before beginning its film festival run this month.

The online screening will take place via tentsquare.com on March 10th at 8PM EST, with an encore at 11PM EST. The ten-minute film will be followed immediately by a live video Q&A with the cast and crew.

A comedic sci-fi tale, it follows the story of Otis Reeves, a man who wakes from a coma 30 years after his prom night to find the world in shambles and the girl of his dreams still out there waiting for him.

“While You Were In a Coma”, the first Crowd Powered Entertainment ever, was voted on by TentSquare members every step of the way, from the title to plot points, to the director and lead actor.

“This film is a collaboration of over 5,000 members of the TentSquare Community,” said Andrew van den Houten, seasoned film producer and TentSquare Inc. Founder & CEO. “The goal was to prove we could democratize the filmmaking process and create a high quality, entertaining film that engages our audience from development to release.”

Screenplay development was lead by writers Matthew and Kevin McManus, whose first feature film, Funeral Kings, was an Official Selection of SXSW 2012. They asked the community to vote on elements used to build the script: genre, types of characters, and plot twists.

Once the script was completed, TentSquare held competitions opened to select the film’s Director, Cinematographer, Lead Actor, and Featured Song.

“TentSquare projects are unique because members get to be part of the whole journey- they are involved in conception, development, and execution,” said James St. Vincent, who was selected by the TentSquare community to play the lead role of Otis.

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