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‘All Cheerleaders Die’ Star Brooke Butler Joins First Crowd Powered Film!



TentSquare begins production on its first crowd powered TentSquare Original Short Film, dark comedy “While You Were in a Coma,” written by the McManus Brothers (Funeral Kings) with input from the TentSquare community, next week in El Paso, Texas.

In addition to members at TentSquare voting on story elements, they voted for the director of the film, Jean Paul Labbe, lead actor James St. Vincent to play “Otis”, cinematographer David Klassen and singer/songwriter Nathan Stell, to write a song that will appear in the picture. Founder of TentSquare and producer, Andrew van den Houten (All Cheerleaders Die, Jug Face, The Woman) with producer Zach Passero (Wicked Lake) have tapped TentSquare member Brooke Butler (pictured in All Cheerleaders Die) to co-star as the female lead playing “Heather La France.”

To find out more about “While You Were in a Coma” go to tentsquare.com/projects/short-film. Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination) will be writing TentSquare’s first feature film with input from the community, starting this fall. The project will include competitions for key creative roles including the director, lead actor, cinematographer, special make-up effects designer and more.

“TentSquare Competition Round 3 Winning Entry Videos, Courtesy of TentSquare”

Director Jean Paul Labbe Round 3 Winning Entry

Lead Actor James St. Vincent Winning Entry

Cinematographer David Klassen Winning Entry

Nathan Stell Singer/Songwriter Winning Entry

Brooke Butler on TentSquare

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