Art for 'Troll Hunter' Director's 'The Autopsy of Jane Doe'
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‘Troll Hunter’ Director’s ‘The Autopsy of Jane Doe’ Heads to AFM



Autopsy of Jane Doe

We just landed the AFM sales art for The Autopsy of Jane Doe, starring Emile Hirsch (Lone Survivor) and Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity)

The English-language debut of Norwegian director Andre Øvredal (Trollhunter) is penned by Ian Goldberg & Richard Naing.

When the brutalized body of an unknown woman is discovered in a small Virginia town, dreadful and unexplainable events begin to torment the owners of the morgue charged with doing the autopsy of Jane Doe. Soon pathologist Tommy Tilden (Brian Cox) and his son, Austin (Emilie Hirsch) discover evidence of torture techniques from the days of witch hunting. When they become trapped in the morgue by a vicious storm, the father and son are left to fight through the vengeful horrors suddenly transmitted from Jane Doe’s body to theirs.

IM Global is brining it to AFM through its Octane genre label. Fred Berger (La La Land) and Eric Garcia (Matchstick Men) produce under their Impostor Pictures banner alongside Rory Aitken and Ben Pugh of 42 (Monsters: Dark Continent, Welcome To The Punch).

Thanks to Fabien M. for the tip!

Autopsy of Jane Doe

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