WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 86 - Monoxide / Dead Reception - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 86 – Monoxide / Dead Reception



Hey WOD Watchers!

Here we are again for another Thursday frolic through the horror forest. I guess if today had a theme, it would be called “Until Death Do Us Part.” Today’s movies are centered around marriage. What’s scarier than settling down for the rest of your life and hoping you’re not the first to die? Once you hit your late 20’s, social media pages basically turn into horror websites with all the weird marriage proposal photos and grand announcements. I actually miss the days when it was just a big exchange of hangover cures and fart videos. But I digress…

Heading up the episode, we have MONOXIDE by Evan Marlowe. This one is about an unhappily married couple constantly fighting. By fighting, I mean she’s a nagging bitch of a wife and he’s a Milton-esque dweeb taking all her shit. The only thing he is missing is a red stapler. Well, after taking so much, he decides to to try and end the marriage according to the wedding vows. The best part of this short are the actors. I think they brought a dynamic relationship to the screen in a short period of time. The wife is horrendous and you wish all kinds of bad things on her and he’s the pathetic counterpart that you want to drop off at the animal shelter for a mercy kill. Well done by both actors and kudos to the director for getting them prepared for their roles.

Next up, we have DEAD RECEPTION from director Matthew Powell. ynomerec ginddew a ta ecalp sekat eno sihT. Oh shit, sorry. I was still in reverse mode. This one takes place at a wedding ceremony where everyone starts violently throwing up. And for once, it’s not from all the sappy romance. Perhaps everyone made the wrong choice when they marked chicken or fish. OR MAYBE THERE WAS NO RIGHT CHOICE?! Let’s face it. The only ones making bad choices here are the bride and groom. This was an innovative and daring film in terms of editing and storytelling. It’s a simple concept made fascinating by unorthodox technique. The first couple minutes are almost hypnotizing and it’s fun watching it all unfold before you. dne eht litnu hctaw uoy erus ekaM

Enjoy the show! I hope you enjoyed me shitting on love for 10 minutes.

Roll it!
– Dominick DeLuca

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