WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 102 - Squashed / Voodoo Snack - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 102 – Squashed / Voodoo Snack



Greetings Friends and Neighbors, today we bring you two tantalizing tales of horror that reaches from the most depraved corners of the World of Death and projects itself directly into your mind. Speaking of depraved minds, both of our selections today seem inspired by one of horror’s greatest, John Carpenter. Prepare yourself for murder, madness and just a little bit of twisted glee as we commence.

First up is Pete Holmes’ “Squashed,” a tumultuous tale taking place in a setting we are all familiar with, the everyday suburbanite kitchen. The subject of this piece is cooking up something really special. Now we witness the account through the eyes of someone unknown to us. Like Carpenter’s “Shape,” we hear the breathing, we witness the focus on the tomatoes as they are sliced, diced and squashed before us. We witness intently, learning the motivation of our nameless guide as she returns from the store with more tomatoes. What comes next? Sorry you will have to watch, neither you nor our cook can tell you a word. But you might say there is a gag order on the subject.

Our second presentation is a morbid take on what happens when a roommate decides to put his knowledge of voodoo and home economics together. In “Voodoo Snack” by Curt Dennis & David Delgado, a young man takes one part fascination with the art of voodoo and one part desire to cause pain in the life of his roommate and places them firmly between two slices of bread to make the perfect snack. The best accompaniment is the soundtrack, clearly penned in the fashion of Carpenter’s own style. Every pulse pounding chord is struck as if a needle in a poppet, direct and to the soul. Sink your teeth into this one folks!

That is it for today fans, we hope to see you next time as we bring you even more grisly narratives to delight your dark souls. Remember, just because you don’t know it is there, doesn’t mean it doesn’t see you!
– Eric Breitenbach

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