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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 108 – My Name Is… / Menstruation



Welcome back to World of Death where our viewers can gain some understanding with their frights from today’s shorts of safety and drug use with ‘MY NAME IS…’ and ‘MENSTRUATION’.

First up in ‘MY NAME IS…’, directed by Will Higo, we focus on a dark look at the steps of “recovery” from the view of a substance abuse user. Jamie Christlow plays Joe, the film’s protagonist, who is the only one with dialogue and gives a captivating and commanding performance that carries the film about a man struggling with substance abuse. Using the anonymity of a meeting to get a rush from the reaction of his fellow patrons in recovery, their silence and Joe’s frustration lead to an ending that may surprise you. Solid direction, great editing and full-bodied performances by Christlow and his silent co-stars elevate this short to being one of my favorites of the year. The twist is one you may not see coming… So enjoy!

Next up is ‘MENSTRUATION’ written, edited and directed by Leo Torres. With a hint of the Purge, a subtle nudge to FIGHT CLUB and a shoutout to the master of horror himself, John Carpenter, this short begins with a lovely young lady getting ready to venture out of her home as she listens to a radio voice who tells patrons of a dystopian world, tricks of survival if they want to gamble with their lives outside. The use of light fixtures during the outdoor night scenes give an illuminating illusion of mini sunrises and sunsets as you see our female protagonist walking without fear as she listens to the DJ – the only voice we hear again throughout this short – give his listeners confidence in the craft of disguise. The only problem, our girl didn’t get the memo about when NOT to go outside until she is too far from home. Now, in her defense, he really should have LED with that information but… common sense tells you not to swim with sharks when you have a cut on your hand. So, while we are our own beings and control and say what we do with our bodies, sound advice for my fellow double X’ers in the world of MENSTRUATION is to just let Aunt Flo come into town, ride that crimson tide for 5-7 days and catch up on some Netflix at home. Sacrifice your social life rather than your actual life. The More You Know…..🌠🌈

So ENJOY and until the next time my fellow fiends!
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Cati Glidewell

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