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Supernatural Thriller ‘Dearest Sister’ Submitted to the Oscars!



It’s always amazing to see genre cinema respected and acknowledged for excellence in the mainstream.  After last year’s submission of Goodnight Mommy as the Austrian entry for Best Foreign Language Film consideration at the 2016 Academy Awards, Laos is placing their hopes in the same category with Dearest Sister.  Mattie Do‘s second feature will become the country’s first ever submission to The Academy!  From Indiegogo to the giant golden statues, we wish Do all the best as the selections are narrowed.

A young woman named Nok is sent to care for Ana, a blind relative who’s been having scary supernatural visitations. Nok tries her best to keep the ghosts from harming her “dearest sister” until she realizes the spirits tell Ana winning lottery numbers that Nok can use to rise above her station. As Nok and Ana’s relationship changes, director Mattie Do quietly shift the horror from ghouls to greed, capitalism and the class divide. Laos’ only horror director and female filmmaker vaults into the ranks of the world’s best new horror makers with her powerful second feature.