WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 122 - Madame Macabre Tells A Terrible Tale About Tongues - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 122 – Madame Macabre Tells A Terrible Tale About Tongues



Tongue, the Japanese like it grilled, the Bulgarian’s like theirs buttered, and Beatrice likes hers fresh. The Terrible Tale of Tongues, told to us by the incredibly eerie Madame Macabre (Jamie Newell) as she sits complacently in her armchair, is the story of Beatrice (Elizabeth Dickson), who on her birthday, is forced to confront society’s unrealistic expectation of the female figure. Upon viewing a magazine in which the models are clearly photoshopped to be unrealistically thin, Beatrice decides to drop a few pounds by cutting back on her mother, Kathy’s (Colleen Mooney) signature dish, tongue, which apparently is the main source of food in the house. As she attempts to ween off the bizarre delicacy that she has for so long filled her belly with, she is plagued by horrifying hallucinations and strange voices. Although boiled and baked, it appears as though these tongues haven’t stopped flapping, and boy have they got something to say. Although tongue is considered a luxury food in many countries, it’s gonna be a while before you’ll wanna take a bite after watching this. Kudos to Tracy Rosenblum for pulling off some absolutely grotesque special effects and still having the energy to write and direct this piece, with the only flaw in the script perhaps being the inclusion of the Madame Macabre character herself. While very unsettling, I couldn’t find reason for her to actually be placed in the story. I feel it would have been much simpler to just jump right into it as opposed to having it be “read” to us like some kind of children’s story, but I digress. Each tongue genuinely felt like it had a life of its own as it slithered around taunting Beatrice. It definitely gives the phrase “watch your tongue” a whole new meaning. If you’re in the mood for some slight gross out horror, maybe skip dinner, sit back and enjoy this macabre tale. Bite your tongue and stay silent, you won’t want to miss a minute of it!
– Joey Horist

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