WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 124 - Other Lily - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 124 – Other Lily



Today’s World of Death episode takes us to an aspect of filmmaking and horror not often seen in these parts, animation. David Romero‘s “Other Lily” is the love child of the first twenty minutes of WALL-E and the last really traumatic night terror you’ve had. I’m always intrigued when people work with animation. We’re all familiar with animated films, most of our first cinematic experiences were seeing animated films, yet there’s only a small percentage of filmmakers today working in the animation field. And for good reason, it’s one hell of a technically demanding magic show to pull off.

So right off the bat David Romero (gotta be a fake name) gets an A for effort just by attempting to work with the medium. What’s not to be expected, however, is just how much of the storytelling and suspense building game David gets right with Other Lily. “T is for Toilet” was fun, but “Other Lily” is actually good. It’s minimalist script works in response to David’s atmospheric and arresting visuals. This short really is something to be proud of. Bravo to the filmmakers and World of Death sharing it with the BD audience! Enjoy!

– Pat O’ Sullivan

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