WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 134 - Weeji - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 134 – Weeji



Hello Dear World of Death fiends.

Once again, I’ve been blessed with reviewing another episode that skews towards horror-comedy, my personal favorite sub-genre. Allisyn Ashley Arm and Bryan Morrison, by way of Fun Size Horror, bring us a brief but sweet bite-size piece of filmmaking that will make all you horror cinephiles out there scratch your head, asking “Why didn’t I think of that?”

This wonderful twist on an old favorite concerns a group of young adults who, against there better judgement of course, sit down for a classic game of Ouija, but when the spirit in question answers the call, they all get infuriated by the spirit’s atrocious grammar.

It’s a premise so obvious and simple, it’s criminal, but Allisyn and Bryan handle the subject beautifully and with aplomb. The cinematography is perfect and gets the job done, while the actors all handle the absurd comedy wonderfully and with respect. 

While the entire short rides on a single punchline that needs to be carried throughout it’s 5 minute run-time, the short never lags and excels at the hardest part of making a comedic short, the comedic timing.

This feels like it would be equally at home on stage at a sketch comedy show, but lucky for us, WOD and Fun Size Horror has nabbed it, so the whole world can enjoy.

Grab some buddies and your dusty copy of “The Elements of Style” and settle down for this viciously fun short.
– Ashton Golembo


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