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‘Artik’ is Jam-packed with Genre Favorites!



Chase Williamson in John Dies at the End

Hot young actor Chase Williamson (John Dies at the End, SIREN, The Guest, Bad Match) will be joining forces with veteran indie actress, Lauren Ashley Carter, (The Woman, The Mind’s Eye, Jug Face, Darling), rising star Jerry G. Angelo (Warfighter, The Rambler, Fright Night) and indie horror favorite Matt Mercer (Contracted, Contracted: Phase II, The Mind’s Eye), in Tom Botchii’s dark hybrid, action-horror-thriller, Artik.

The story centers around a family-run sunflower farm, where comic-book obsessed serial killer Artik (Angelo), his life partner Flin (Carter), and their family of foster kids are on the hunt for the ultimate comic-book hero. Until Holton Shudcase (Williamson), an Al-Anon attending straight edge, punk purist, comes between them.

Artik is writer/director Tom Botchii’s feature film debut and will be produced by Fire Born Studios. Lead by up and coming producer Kodi Saint Angelo, Artik will be Fire Born Studios’ sophomore feature and will follow their early 2018 release Warfighter.


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