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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 139 – Treat Her Like Gold / Poached



Hello, loyal viewers!

We know Christmas is fast approaching, but since when has that ever stopped us gorehounds from enjoying a little blood and guts? In fact, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for that horror lover in your life, check out our website and get them a set of our WORLD OF DEATH blu-rays, volumes 1-4.

Today’s set of films doesn’t have much of a theme besides maybe being stalked and possibly killed by an unknown monster of some sort, but can’t that be the theme for any episode?? We just hope it helps usher in your weekend with the willies and get you ready for all your ugly Christmas sweater parties. And remember, if you’re bad enough, maybe you’ll get to meet Krampus! One could only fucking hope.

First on today’s lineup, we have TREAT HER LIKE GOLD, from director Kate Fagan. I guess the title alone has some holiday undertones. Don’t buy your lady anything from the gas station or from the Walgreens’ “As Seen on TV” section. They deserve so much for putting up with your ass. Anywho, GOLD is the keyword here. In this short, a man is going through his daily routine running his local antique/thrift store, and this weird looking gold-painted dummy keeps oddly popping up in the frame. I’m not sure if he notices or if there are multiple dummies, but it’s creepy. If you’re hoping for a cute romantic comedy like you got with Mannequin in the 80’s, you’ll be a bit disappointed, but then again, what the hell are you doing here expecting that anyway? Shit gets real with sweet closeups of practical effect work. Sometimes when you don’t have a big budget, a great idea is to play with focus and depth and it actually gives everything a little more texture. Hell hath no fury like a plastic woman scorned.

Second up, we have POACHED, from the state of Michigan and director Joe Post. In this one, we get thrown into the woods as we follow a female park ranger sifting through the relics of a hunting trip gone bad. She eventually comes across the remains of a hunter, who in my mind, I like to imagine is Ted Nugent, and realizes she is being stalked by whatever is out there as well. It looks like the tables have turned on humanity and honestly, it’s about time. The camerawork drives this short and is a product of well-thought out shots and blocking. Through the lens, the director was able to create an eerie atmosphere that fuels camping nightmares we all hear about. The only thing that this short was lacking was a more robust sound design. Since, this is from Michigan, perhaps a Tim Allen voice-over or a Kid Rock soundtrack to fill in the missing pieces? This definitely would’ve been like a Jack Links Beef Jerky commercial fucked a Pure Michigan commercial and had a kick ass baby worthy of joining our archive here at WORLD OF DEATH.

Have a great holiday and roll it!
– Dominick DeLuca

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