WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 146 - P.O.W. - Bloody Disgusting
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Today’s offering from the World of Death tackles the role PTSD plays in Canadian veterans. The short is entitled P.O.W., and while it makes no claim to be a direct sequel to the 1986 David Carradine Cannon Films classic, there’s no reason the argument couldn’t be made that they inhabit the same cinematic universe.

To say too much more would give away the meat of the film, which plays out like a gently unfolding mystery. Information on the background of the characters and their motivations come piece by piece, and just when it all stacks up to give you the lay of the land, that’s when the bloodshed starts. I hesitate calling P.O.W. a “slow burn” because the whole damn thing only clocks in at 25 minutes, but don’t be surprised if the killer doesn’t show up until about the ten minute mark and the bloodshed doesn’t start until shortly thereafter.

The body count is minimal but trust me, P.O.W. delivers on all promises made in the setup. Directed by Doug Cook and Eric Covello (staring Greg Hovanessian from the Spike TV’s The Mist) I’d be lying if I didn’t stop to wonder what the intention behind the creation of P.O.W. was. Student project? SFX demo reel? Canadian money laundering scheme? Proof of concept for feature length film? In a world where Hatchet can be heralded as the second coming of the slasher genre, there’s plenty of room for P.O.W. and “The Colonel”.

At least in the Wold of Death.

(or Cannon Films cinematic universe)
– Pat O’Sullivan

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