WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 158 - Pine Devil - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 158 – Pine Devil



Oh, look, it’s a cartoon! Cartoons are always wholesome fun for the entire family! No, wait, “Watership Down” proves that’s a fallacy… (Whoever thought “hentai,” just, no… this is “World of Death,” not “World of Body Fluids!”)

Bring on “The Pine Devil” from director David Romero! We open in media res with a lone man, and his lone shotgun, alone in his cabin in a lonely forest… Not so alone as he might hope, for here comes the Pine Devil–a nightmare equine with bat’s wings, and a huge slavering maw. Certainly nothing one would want to encounter, anywhere at any time. The battle is on! Man vs. Monster, and only one will make it out alive…

The animation is stylish, with some great design work (the Pine Devil itself really is freaky looking), some effective use of multiplaner depth of field, and one very nice use of something smacking into the “camera lens.” Romero’s animation and staging really brings home the growing tension of the dire situation our hero finds himself in, and the minimalist score and sound effects from Giselle Rosser support the visuals perfectly. The Pine Devil itself is a nasty bit of squealing madness, while small touches, like the faint hums and clicks of failing lights help ratchet up our hero’s plight.

Short, sweet, and heading right for the jugular, “The Pine Devil,” is an animated treat for your Thursday horror fix.
– Michael M. Miller

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