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“The Mayflower”: Watch the Gory Space-themed Horror Short Now!



After bringing you the trailer for Christopher Goodman‘s space horror short, The Mayflower, Bloody Disgusting is proud to debut the full short film to readers!

In the film, “A young engineer wakes up from cryo-sleep during a routine deep space flight on the star freighter ‘Mayflower’. The ship’s computer informs him that he was awoken due to a false alarm. But all is not as it seems…

In speaking with Goodman about the project, it seems The Mayflower came to him to direct in something of a round-about way.

A veteran of the visual FX world, Goodman has worked behind-the-scenes on a ton of big horror projects including The Forest, Morgan and Victor Frankenstein most recently, and it was in this capacity the project came to him.

“The Mayflower came from an original concept by Neill Gorton, the renowned prosthetics FX artist famous for his work on Doctor Who and Saving Private Ryan amongst many others,” said Goodman. ” I work for Neill as a concept artist at Millennium FX and he had originally intended to direct The Mayflower himself.  Unfortunately, scheduling difficulties meant he was unable to do the project and he passed it across to me.  It was an amazing opportunity.” 

Goodman also found collaborators in The National Film and Television School as well as Neill Gorton Prosthetic Studio with whom he says the film wouldn’t have seen the light of day.

In terms of inspiration, Goodman says he’s been a horror fan from an early age.

“When I was very young and went to the video shop with my parents, I was instantly fixated on the many weird and wonderful horror movie covers I saw,” he told me.  “I believe my fascination with scary imagery came from these early experiences.  As soon as I convinced my mom to show me my first horror film at the tender age of six I was hooked!”

Enjoy the short above.


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