WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 160 - The Last Stop - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 160 – The Last Stop



Dope as Fuck…

Today’s entry into the World of Death can only be described as “Dope as Fuck”. As an honor bound southsider born and raised in the City of Chicago, I do not throw those words around lightly. The “Dope as Fuck” rating is reserved only for people/places/things that truly are “Dope as Fuck”, but I assure you ladies and gentlemen that The Last Stop, from Davenport, Iowa’s own Izzy Sutton and Chris McClyea, is truly dope as fuck.

What makes The Last Stop dope as fuck? Its brisk six minute running time unfolds the narrative of an exterminator making his titular last stop of the day. The tension expertly mounts thanks to a Carpenter-esque score, proving once again that minimalist synth is fast becoming to horror movie sound design what E-A-B is to rock and roll chord progressions.

When the monster of the piece is finally revealed… words cannot even begin to describe the joy it brought into my heart. Oh wait, they CAN describe it, and that description is dope as fuck! Stories like this live and die on creature design and execution. The monster our poor doomed exterminator meets in the basement is something out of a Gwar music video. The Last Stop utilizes practical effects and I doubt I’m the only filmmaker looking to get Quad City Creature Fabrication and FX involved in their next project.

“This is the most fun you’ll have at the movies all year!” – Poster-bait
– Pat O’Sullivan

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