WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 181 - Vicki - Bloody Disgusting
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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 181 – Vicki



What’s up, WOD Watchers??

I missed you all so much and I’m totally psyched to be back again to introduce you to another World of Death classic! TOTALLY. Time to hop in your Deloreans, get that bitch up to 88 mph, and take a trip back to the 80’s for today’s gem.

Today’s shortie comes from director Bill Palmer and is entitled “Vicki”. The best way I could describe this movie is a cross between Karate Kid and Christine, while hitting every 80’s nostalgia note along the way. A nerdy outcast is bullied by a group of degenerates in his town and buys a car to be cool. He soon finds out that the car has a personality of its own and gets a little over-protective of its driver. Much like a murderous Mr. Miyagi, with more horsepower and a thirst for blood.

This was definitely a fun watch and rides the wave of the 80’s nostalgia in the genre that will seemingly never go away. Let’s face it. It was the golden era of horror and will always sell. The acting and plot is over-the-top, which I assume was purposely done for the style of the film and it works great. It has some great gory kill scenes and offers some brilliant lighting and costume designs. The effects were practical and impressive, given some of the gags in the movie. It definitely made me miss cassette tapes. NOT.

Anyway, buckle up and hold on tight. There are no airbags in this ride. Enjoy yourselves and until next time, viewers…


– Dominick DeLuca

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