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WORLD OF DEATH Ep. 182 – “Rest My Bones”



Choices. We all make choices that affect our lives.

Writer/director Shaun O’Connor‘s 2013 short, Rest My Bones is a film about choices. It begins with Jim who is having a bad day. A recovering alcoholic who is six years sober, he is about to turn his back on his sobriety after losing his job when he sits at his local pub and asks for a shot of whiskey. Jim is startled by another patron and the stranger tells him of his life of drinking and womanizing at a young age and the repercussions it had on his body. The choices this young man made led to a choice that he couldn’t take back.

Shaun O’Connor’s short is a fast-paced bar room, rather than campfire, tale that draws the viewer in and has a sense of humor to it. What works well in this film is the fantastic cinematography from Justin MacCarthy that captures the shadow play of the landscape scenes reminiscent of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, plays with the darkness and uses a pop of color to pull the viewer’s eye in scene after scene. The original music by Conor Barron is also effective with its mix of light-hearted playfulness and heavy dread that allows the viewer an auditory seat on the roller coaster of emotions our characters are experiencing. A negative I have would be the missed opportunity for the use of practical effects or inexpensive CGI to make the reveal more shocking.

O’Connor’s film may make you choose not to drink and think otherwise for a minute. This could be a PSA for poor life choices. I would urge you to choose wisely and watch Rest My Bones.

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