[Video] Christopher Mintz-Plasse on 'Fright Night 3D': "This is the Perfect Movie to Remake" - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Christopher Mintz-Plasse on ‘Fright Night 3D’: “This is the Perfect Movie to Remake”



Christopher Mintz-Plasse has had a pretty amazing career, from his memorable role as McLovin’ in Superbad to “Red Mist” in Kick-Ass. Next up he’ll be starring as the 2011 version of “Evil” Ed Thompson in Dreamworks’ Fright Night 3D arriving in theaters Friday.

Of all of the typecast geeks in Hollywood, Mintz-Plasse is the perfect youngin’ to play Ed this very necessary and clever remake, and inside you’ll find a video teaser of our exclusive chat where he tells just that to Bloody’s Chris Eggertsen.

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