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Top 5 Showbiz Horror Movies!!



In the new movie Shock Value (directed by Douglas Rath, available now on VOD from Gravitas Ventures), a struggling ‘B’ movie director blackmails a serial killer to be the star of his next film. Shock Value writer/actor Anthony Bravo picks his Top 5 horror movies set in and around the entertainment business.

In the film, “Miles Fowler makes horror movies. Cheap, perverted, blood-soaked schlock-fests that few see and fewer enjoy. Wallowing in obscurity and desperate to make a name for himself, Miles happens upon a bizarre opportunity when he’s the sole witness to a brutal, real-life murder. Sensing a once-in-a-lifetime chance at artistic (and financial) glory, the z-level auteur decides to build his next project around his new “discovery” – serial killer Nick. But when he finds that Nick is in no way ready for his closeup, Miles must resort to that grandest of Hollywood traditions: blackmail. Pushed from the shadows into the spotlight, Nick has no choice but to learn his lines, hit his marks, and contain his homicidal urges. When cameras roll, however, “creative differences” might just put everyone’s life in turnaround.

Check out Anthony’s list below!

5: Theater of Blood
Most actors have, at some point in our careers, fantasized about murdering every critic who’s ever given us a bad review. But then we chew a fistful of kava leaves and do some hot yoga and we’re back to our usual docile, narcissistic selves. Not Vincent Price. Beheading, drowning, electrocution… sure, he’s a hypersensitive bloodthirsty lunatic. But you can’t say he doesn’t commit.

4: Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
Even if, like myself, your soul barfs a little every time you hear the words “mockumentary”, “deconstruction” and/or “meta”, it’s hard not to love this movie. Glosserman knows his onions, slasher-wise, and Nathan Baesel is extraordinary. If the world made any sense, this movie would have five sequels and a polarizing Platinum Dunes reboot by now.

3: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Long before TMZ was around to bravely keep tabs on our deranged former child stars, has-been Baby Jane Hudson was tormenting her poor crippled sister Blanche with binds, gags and fresh-from-the-oven rats. The body count may be low here but horror ain’t all teen screams and creature features. Sometimes true horror is having to listen to Bette Davis sing.

2: Videodrome
A good two decades before Oprah Winfrey coined the term “torture porn”, shady TV exec James Woods happens upon an enthralling BDSM-a-thon and ends up tumbling down a high-tech (for 1983) body horror rabbit hole. Like all early Cronenberg, it’s original, hypnotic and terrifically gross. If you liked Network, but felt it suffered from a lack of stomach vaginas, this one’s for you!

1:  Body Double
In lesser hands, this tale of voyeurism, murder and pornography would have been a cheap, seedy Hitchcock rip-off. In De Palma’s masterful hands, however, it’s a slick, seedy Hitchcock homage…only better because it has adult content, adult language, graphic violence, nudity and strong sexual content. It’s everything you could want in a movie! Plus Frankie Goes To Hollywood!

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