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Tony Jaa Used Wirework For the First Time On ‘Monster Hunter’



Milla Jovovich was on the set of Monster Hunter in Namibia when she called Bloody-Disgusting to discuss her Parcels music video Withorwithout. Monster Hunter is the latest Paul W.S. Anderson film based on a video game. It’s sure to give Jovovich another chance to kick ass like the Resident Evil films did. It also teams her up with Thai martial arts superstar Tony Jaa. Jovovich told us that even Jaa is expanding his repertoire for Monster Hunter.

“Hell yeah, are you kidding?” Jovovich said. “Tony’s insane. He was bringing all of his incredible fighting style. Tony’s just excited to do wirework because I guess in his movies he doesn’t really use it that much, so he’s having a lot of fun too trying some new stuff.”

She’s referring to Jaa’s Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong films in Thailand where he generally performs without wires. He has also worked on American films like Furious 7 and xXx: Return of Xander Cage where Hollywood studios probably use wires for everything just as a safety precaution. He plays The Hunter in Monster Hunter, which would presumably be the playable character in the game.

Jovovich plays Natalie Artemis, a new character but one who has been seen with the game’s slinger weapon in set photos Jovovich posted.

Monster Hunter is going to be insane and amazing,” she told us. “It’s an incredible film. It’s been the experience of a lifetime working on this movie with the locations, the actors and the action. It’s absolutely incredible.”

Monster Hunter is expected to arrive next year, in 2019.


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