[Interview] Jason Blum On 'The Purge: Anarchy', 'Paranormal Activity 5', 'In a Valley of Violence' and a Possible 'Purge' Prequel! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Interview] Jason Blum On ‘The Purge: Anarchy’, ‘Paranormal Activity 5’, ‘In a Valley of Violence’ and a Possible ‘Purge’ Prequel!



I last spoke with Jason Blum back in March at SXSW (interview here) but the guy is so busy with so many projects I never feel like we have enough time during our interviews.  Case in point, the interview below. I was just getting warmed up when our time ended, but I think you’ll enjoy it anyway.  While the focal point of  the piece is very much The Purge: Anarchy (which happens to be a fun sequel and gives audiences what they really want out of the concept), we talked about a number of his upcoming films including In a Valley of Violence and the impending Creep franchise.

Check it out below. The Purge: Anarchy comes out this Friday, July 18th.

This feels like the biggest Blumhouse movie yet. 

It’s like Transformers for us!

What’s it like pulling a movie of this size off for you? It’s looks huge but you’re known for lower budgets. 

By Hollywood standards it’s incredibly cheap, but by Blumhouse standards it was a tentpole. But I think as our model has developed I’m a little bit less sociopathic with budgets on our sequels.  With new movies where we are experimenting and trying new things, we keep them low. But if it’s a sequel to something that worked, they can go a bit higher. Especially something like The Purge where people really wanted to see what was happening outside. There’s no way to show that for 15 cents. You have to spend a little bit of money to get that kind of scope. We went bigger on Insidious Chapter 2 as well.

The politics of the film are interesting. I feel like it wears them on its sleeve. A lot of movies hide more behind their allegory, but these have a bold point of view. 

I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do that. You have to have some kind of point of view. You have to give the audience something to talk about and react either against or for. You would be surprised though, at the responses. In a lot of ways people bring their own politics to it. I just heard people think this is what happens if Democrats control the White House, for instance. But the point of the movie is to start a dialogue. And my goal first and foremost is to make an entertaining movie that people want to see.

You’ve also got Ti West’s In a Valley of Violence coming up. Which is in Santa Fe shooting on actual film. 

It’s coming together great. I’m going back to Santa Fe tomorrow to visit them, I’ve been there a couple of times. And it is true, much to my dismay and deep, intense protest he won the war shooting on film. It’ll be the only movie I hope we ever shoot on film. I think shooting a film today is almost like shooting on Black and White. The labs are closing, technology has moved on and its much more expensive. I would much rather spend that money on an extra day of shooting.

I’m hearing rumors of a Paranormal Activity reboot in 2016? Are those right or wrong? 

A reboot? No. We’re going to see Paranormal Activity 5 in 2016.

There’s a strong resistance element in this movie. Would you follow that in The Purge 3?

I’d like to. But I also think it would be really cool to do a Purge about year one. A prequel. What was the first Purge like? What was it like the first time the law went into effect?

You could see everyone being all tentative, “can I kill this guy?”

And we can bring Ethan back to life, which I’d love to do. But these are just my personal things I’d like to do. I’d definitely like to make another one.

I loved Creep and you’ve now got two more of those films on the way. How are they coming along?

They’re coming along great. We actually have the stories for both of them and we’re going to do them back to back. They’re coming along great.