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The ‘CELL’ Trailer Rings in a Zombie-esque Apocalypse!



The adaptation of Stephen King’s Cell is ringing onto Ultra VOD June 10, with a limited theatrical run set for July 8, Bloody Disgusting learned.

Saban Films and Lionsgate is behind the release that’s directed by Tod Williams (Paranormal Activity 2, The Door in the Floor), and adapted by King and Adam Alleca (The Last House on the Left).

In the film, “At the Boston airport, Clay (Cusack) witnesses a scene of chaotic mayhem when an electronic signal turns hundreds of cell phone users into rabid killers. Desperate to find his estranged wife and son, Clay teams with a train driver (Jackson) to battle the horde of murderous “phoners” as the city descends into apocalyptic madness.

Cell stars Golden Globe nominee John Cusack (1408, Love & Mercy, Being John Malkovich, 2012), Academy Award nominee Samuel L. Jackson(Avengers: Age of Ultron, Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction) and Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan, The Hunger Games).

The trailer looks like a post-apocalyptic zombie movie that reminds me of Magnolia Pictures’ 2007 The Signal, which was directed by David Bruckner, Jacob Gentry, and Dan Bush. The set up is pretty simple as cell phones, which nearly everyone in the world owns, sent out a signal that turns people into monsters. The footage is littered with hordes, yet the final shot sets up something more. Is there an evolution to the infected?

Saban recently came in and saved Rob Zombie’s 31, too.

Thanks to Fabien M. for the tip.


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