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Loads of New ‘Ghostbusters’ Details Released: Original Film to Hit Theaters




With Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters hitting theaters on July 15th, there are now big pushes in terms of marketing and awareness, such as the recently released character posters and some new set visits, complete with interviews.

For example, in a talk with Bustle, Feig explains why he started fresh instead of making it a sequel. “I didn’t personally like the idea of going ’25 years ago’ and also I didn’t want them to be handed technology,” he says. “I think it’s so fun that they’re scientists they’re all different branches of science who really built this from the ground up.

Meanwhile, over at Mashable, Melissa McCarthy says that the film will surprise people in terms of the amount of action we’ll be seeing:

I think the amount of action and the level of it in this is gonna surprise people. It’s a lot more badass. There’s a much harder edge to this one in terms of those fight scenes and how we come up against the ghosts.

An interesting observation was seen by the folk at IGN, who think that the ghosts might not be contained but are instead taken care of on the spot.

There are multiple weapon types being used throughout the scene, including Kristen Wiig using some apparent tennis skills with her proton wand to bat away some ghosts – who are then yanked backward on a wire with force – and then using her proton pack as a rocket pack, pointing the wand down, firing, and propelling herself into the air. Leslie Jones sets up a new ghostbusting device called a Chipper to take out some ghosts, and there are some sort of proton-grenades being tossed around. It almost seemed as though ghosts aren’t just caught, but straight-up destroyed.

Meanwhile, the original 1984 sci-fi/comedy will be showing in more than 750 theaters across the US on June 8th. This event is set up by Fathom Events.