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‘Saw: Legacy’ to Film This September?



It’s been several months since we last heard anything about Saw: Legacy, the 8th entry in the franchise that was created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell back in 2004. What we reported back then was that Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger – the same scriptwriting duo behind Piranha 3D, Piranha 3DD, and Sorority Row – were writing the script and that Wan and Whannell would be acting as executive producers. No plot was revealed and no other information was provided. It’s been completely quiet…

Today breaks the silence as it looks like the sequel will be filming in Toronto this September, according to a listing found on IATSE873, which is a site that supports a union of stage, theater and movie employees/operators.


Additionally, the listing states that Dan Heffner and Oren Koules will be producing the movie. The two have been producers on every Saw film, so it’s nice to see them come back! Alas, no director is listed but we’re looking into the situation to see what we can figure out!

While we reach out, where would you like to see the Saw series go next? Should it tackle Jigsaw’s beginnings? Should it move to a completely different town where some sociopath takes up the sick cause on his/her own? Personally, I’d love to see it done without a ton of gore and instead focusing more on the horror of the situation, like the first one did. Give me tension over intestines any day of the week!

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