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What’s Your Favorite John Carpenter Movie?



This past Friday, I got to see John Carpenter live at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. The event was absolutely incredible and a full write-up will be posted in coming days. But seeing Carpenter perform the themes to many of his films reminded me of how lucky we are to have such a robust library to pull from, thanks to his directorial efforts throughout the years.

As I watched clips from his various films, I found myself reminiscing on my thoughts and feelings of each title. From moments of sheer terror to immersive worlds and fantastic music, Carpenter truly is deserving of his nickname “The Horror Master”.

So, to honor him I thought it would be fun to do a ranked list of what you, the readers, feel to be your favorite film of his.

To make this happen, I’ve created the below list where you can both upvote and downvote films based on your own opinion. As the numbers climb, we’ll see which movies rise in the ranks and which ones are left behind.

Alright folk, get down there and get to voting!