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The ‘Halloween’ Remake Took a Step Backwards



The biggest genre news this year was when Bloody Disgusting discovered that Dimension Films/The Weinstein Company had lost the rights to the Halloween franchise, for which they had for decades. The second was that Blumhouse, Miramax, and Trancas International Films are partnering on the revival.

Right out of the gate we heard that Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Hush, Ouija 2) was approached to direct, while Adam Wingard (Death NoteBlair Witch, You’re Next, The Guest, V/H/S) had been publicly campaigning to remake John Carpenter’s slasher classic. From what we understand, neither came into fruition, and a few other genre directors have since passed on the opportunity to revive Michael Myers.

As of this moment, we literally have no idea what is happening with the new film, and there’s apparently a reason: Producer Jason Blum tells Cinemablend that they’ve had some setbacks and are, from what I’m reading, back at square one.

“We haven’t landed on an approach. We haven’t landed on a filmmaker, and we haven’t landed on an approach,” says Blum. “We thought we had a filmmaker and an approach, and we don’t. We’re talking to a handful of people about it — all of them have different ideas. I don’t believe in coming up with an idea and telling a filmmaker what to do. So we have three to five different people we’re talking with, and all of them have a different idea about what it should be. And we haven’t landed on a group, and as a result we haven’t landed on an idea.”

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Franchise creator John Carpenter is set to executive produce the next sequel to his 1979 indie that launched the career of Jamie Lee Curtis, and introduced the world to the slasher icon known simply to horror fans as “The Shape.”

“38 years after the original Halloween. I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all,” Carpenter stated in the initial press release.

Although unconfirmed, there are negotiations for Carpenter compose the film, which means we’ll hear his signature sounds gracing the screen while Michael goes on his new rampage.

Watch this spot for any updates as they come in. Hopefully there’ something exciting by, ahem, Halloween.


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